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Full Bore Tor Red Juice

Orange and cream, inspired by a summer Popsicle.

Full Bore Surf Green Juice

Go bonkers with menthol; from spearmint to wintergreen, we splashed this juice with the coolness.

Full Bore Raven Black Juice

Notes of delectable passion fruit and cream.  Soft, but delightful fruit pairs excellently with fresh cream.

Full Bore Poppy Red Juice

The tart of kiwi mixed with aromatic summer fruits, a light vape that doesn’t overpower the senses, but provides lasting flavor.

Full Bore Panther Pink Juice

Everyone’s favorite pink candy, peel the wrapper and enjoy the inexplicably juicy flavor.

Full Bore Onyx Black Juice

Ripe and tart raspberries in a honey infused layer of baklava to tame down the sweet.

Full Bore Mesa Sand Juice

Peanut butter cookies, smooth and exactly what you would expect.

Full Bore Leaking Radiator Juice

Minty, Fruity delight.

Full Bore Larkspur Blue

A delightful mixture of fruits with real sugar cane.

Full Bore Hugger Orange Juice

Apple cinnamon goodness, sweet at the front with a crisp end.

Full Bore Harbor Blue Juice

Double the blueberry, splash of cream. It’s like a breakfast parfait you can enjoy all day.

Full Bore Ginger Polly Juice

Caramel drizzled over cheesecake; rich, creamy, and smooth start to finish. The light caramel flavor counters the cream of the cheesecake for a well rounded vape.